Referrals to the Best Doctors

When you consult us, we will direct you to the best doctor and medical facility in that field. One of the founders of WIH Care has over 25 years of experience in the field of diagnostics, led by him, the team has the expertise to identify and connect with the best possible doctors and medical team in every specific segment of health and wellness.

Health Check Up

Our networks of diagnostic facilities are among the best in the country. One of our own directors is a founder of Medivision; a pioneer in the field of Diagnostics. Equipped with state of the art technology and supported by a world class medical team, Medivision is among the most trusted brands in the Kerala.

Ayurveda and Wellness

Kerala is known for its deep understanding and practice of the science of Ayurveda and WIH Care has associated with the most authentic practitioners across the state. Addressing health issues across all segments and emphasizing on healing of both body and mind, these centres deliver a holistic wellness experience.

Stay and Tickets

Based on the medical care you require, your budget, itinerary and personal preference, we take care of everything from your tickets to stay in Kerala. Every choice is made based on a deep understanding of your taste and is finalized upon your confirmation.

Tour packages

The culture in Kerala emphasizes on the need for relaxation and rest as a key aspect of wellness. Our expert team curates custom tour packages based on your health condition and personal preferences. We believe that a good holiday can often work miracles.

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